Why Dogs Love It When You Play Music For Them

There was no point in our history as humans that had no traces of music in it. In fact, even as simple cavemen, our ancestors still managed to make instruments such as flutes just by using the animal bones of different sizes that they could find. As years go by, many more instruments where invented and innovated, paving the way for more intricate and beautiful sounding music that brought entertainment for every human on this planet. Today, it’s safe to say that no matter who you are, there will be a type of music that will suit your taste with all the genres and subgenres that exist and are still being created at the moment.

But our enjoyment of music is not something that is inherently unique to us. Different species of animals have been documented to respond positively or even enjoy certain types of music, and some can even compose them, which is the case for elephants. However, we’re not writing this article to expound on what animals do enjoy music. This time, we’re focusing on one animal species that have been with us since 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. That’s right, we’re talking about dogs and what are the known effects of playing our music to them.

Why dogs love it when you play music for them

Have you ever been so stressed out that you can’t even think properly but somehow when you listened to your favorite music, you suddenly felt a lot better? Well, researchers had noticed this effect for some time now and many of them agree about the stress reduction effect that music does to us. In fact, listening to music is a scientifically proven method as a natural remedy for sleep disorder and anxiety. Furthermore, this effect transcends species and is also experienced by certain animals, one of which, are your dogs. This means that your furry friend can experience the same stress reduction effect that you do if you play certain types of music for them.

Types of music that dogs love

One study with regards to the effects of music on dogs had been conducted on an animal shelter. On that study, they played different kinds of musical genres which included compilations of popular music, classical music, and heavy metal music then took note of the behavior that the dogs displayed to each of the said genres. According to them, when heavy metal music was played, the dogs on the shelter became more agitated and started barking while pop music produced no noticeable changes on the dogs. However, when classical music was played, the dogs started to calm down a lot, which led the researchers to conclude that this type of music is possibly the most preferred by your dog.

Benefits of playing music for your dogs

You can play music for your dog anytime you want but there are certain situations that need you to play music to help in calming down your dog. Listed down below are some of the benefits that you can get when you play music for your dogs.

  • Help your dogs have a good time in their crate, especially when they’re still young and unfamiliar with it.
  • Divert their attention and calm them down during thunderstorms or when there are fireworks.
  • Ease travel anxiety while both you and your dog are riding your car.
  • Reduce their restlessness during a visit to the vet.
  • Reduce their stress and anxiety levels when they are left alone in the house.

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